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It would take a really strong wind to compromise our flight departure. So there's no need to worry about wind to make your flight. The weather factors that can compromise a flight are mainly stormy weather, heavy rain and snow, and poor visibility. In such cases, it's up to the pilot to decide whether conditions are good enough to make the flight, bearing in mind that our aim is to give you a great experience, or to find another time to make the flight. If no other time is available, the pilot cancels the flight at no charge.
We highly recommend it. As we will be escorting you up a busy ramp on the way to the helicopter, and the boarding process is fairly quick, we recommend that you refrain from taking photos on the ramp until you are seated in the helicopter. The helicopter is an ideal photographic platform for taking photos and videos, and is highly prized by the media and other professional photographers for this purpose.
Although helicopters are not extremely noisy for adults, the noise level can pose problems for very young children. In addition, children under 24 months of age cannot wear seatbelts and must be held by their parents. There is no upper age limit. In fact, we've flown customers over a century old - every one of them loved it!
Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before your flight. If you cancel within 48 hours of departure, no refund will be given.
In order to make the flight, you need to purchase two seats. This means you can fly alone, as long as you pay for two seats.
Our fares are based on a price per seat. If your child is less than 24 months old, he or she can be held on an adult's lap and travel free of charge, as he or she will not occupy a seat. However, if your child is over 24 months of age, he or she will have to occupy a seat at the regular fare, so that he or she can be strapped in safely.
Unless you have medical contraindications, there is no age limit.
For safety reasons, we are unable to accept passengers weighing more than 300 pounds (136 kg) on board our aircraft. If necessary, a member of our team will ask you to submit to a weighing test to clear up any doubts.
Certainly! Simply let us know in advance of your specific mobility requirements, so that we can offer you outstanding service!
The chances of experiencing vertigo while flying are extremely low! In fact, this sensation generally occurs when you're in contact with the ground, which is not the case when you're in flight. This observation is regularly confirmed by our passengers.
We recommend our tour "Your first flight", which is perfectly suited to this type of situation.
Indeed, a helicopter is capable of gliding and landing smoothly in confined spaces, even without an engine. Our pilots train every year in emergency procedures, because the safety of our passengers remains our top priority.
We strongly recommend that you make a reservation to guarantee our availability during your visit. There is no specific deadline for making your reservation. However, the earlier you book, the more choice you'll have of day and time.
A photographer is a great idea to immortalize your adventure! Since we offer three-seat packages, a photographer can accompany you if there are two of you. However, this option is not available for groups of three. We recommend the services of Charles le photographe, or contact us about it!

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