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Adventure, thrills and chills guaranteed!

Dare to defy the laws of gravity with our helicopter tours 
packages in the majestic Saguenay? Our packages start at $40.

Helicopter Tours

We offer a range of helicopter tours all year round, so whether you're experiencing sunny, cloudy or rainy skies, you're sure to enjoy a unique experience! Our panoramic flights vary in length from 5 to 60 minutes, and are suitable for groups of 1 to 3 people. If you are a group of more than 4 people, please contact us, as we have an option to suit your needs.

Regular helicopter tours

Your first flight

Your first extreme adventure!

5 minutes

Distance: 10KM
2 passengers: 60$/pers.
3 passengers: 40$/pers.

Lake Otis

A breathtaking view of Lac Otis, get ready for takeoff!

10 minutes

Distance: 30KM
2 passengers: 105$/pers.
3 passengers: 70$/pers.

The Fjord crossing

A breathtaking adventure that will leave you speechless!

15 minutes

Distance: 50KM
2 passengers: 157.50$/pers.
3 passengers: 105$/pers.

City of The Bay

Discover the borough of La Baie as the crow flies!

20 minutes

Distance: 70KM
2 passengers: 180$/pers.
3 passengers: 120$/pers.

City of Saguenay

A breathtaking view of the Saguenay Lac-St-Jean metropolis

30 minutes

Distance: 100KM
2 passengers: 270$/pers.
3 passengers: 180$/pers.

Wind turbines & energy

Be amazed by this source of renewable energy, a jewel of energy production!

40 minutes

Distance: 120KM
2 passengers: 360$/pers.
3 passengers: 240$/pers.

X-treme tours and charters

Cap au Leste -- 12 minutes


12 minutes

2 passengers: 253$/pers.
3 passengers: 169$/pers.

Cap au Leste -- 17 minutes


17 minutes

2 passengers: 310.50$/pers.
3 passengers: 207$/pers.

Create your adventure

Chartering and aerial work

Use our helicopters to suit your tastes and needs!

Forfait 4 saisons

Vous souhaitez découvrir la région lors des différentes saisons ? ce forfait est pour vous!

4 X 15 minutes

2 passengers: 500$/pers.
3 passengers: 333.33$/pers.

Forfait Corporatif

Resserrez les liens de votre équipe de travail! 60$ à 90$ par personne.

10 ou 15 minutes

Forfait Explorateur

Une aventure à votre goût!

1 heure

2 passengers: 540$/pers.
3 passengers: 360$/pers.

Hélico-romance – Cap au leste

Un incroyable tour d’hélicoptère qui vous laissera des souvenirs inoubliables!

20 minutes de vol

2 passengers: 600$/pers.

Hélico-romance du parc aventure Cap Jaseux

Offres-vous des souvenir mémorables

30 minutes en vol

2 passengers: 709$/pers.

La traversée du Cap au Leste

Un vol vers l'apéro!

1 heure

2 passengers: 225$/pers.
3 passengers: 150$/pers.

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May 1st to October 31st
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